Balloon art

We have a range of balloon products and styles available -from organic arches to table clusters we have an option to suit every event. We have undertaken training with some highly respected balloon artists and provide high quality, on trend, displays,

Our balloon displays are priced individually and price depends on;


-Standard colours or double stuffed custom colours

-Location of the display – please send us a picture of the installation site so we can price for attachments

-Any foils or speciality balloons being added

Please note to all our customers that there is a worldwide shortage on helium so the price has gone up significantly. Wherever we can we will encourage you to choose an air alternative as you will receive much better value for money and helium plays an important role in medical treatment so should be preserved wherever possible.

Small organic balloon arch, with custom pastel colours and large foil candy cane

Large balloon arch with chrome gold

Baby blocks with balloon display

Forget Me Nots Says

This year’s on trend option is a balloon moon arch with central hanging neon light! Message us for colours and options!

Half balloon arch, giant helium numbers, helium ceiling balloons and floor balloons

Love heart ceiling balloons with tassels

Half balloon arch with giant orb

Large, custom colour, organic indoor balloon display

Custom colour balloon display

Large tropical arch with helium clusters

Small balloon arch with silver chrome

Hot air balloon display

Rainbow arch on balloon frame

Helium clusters with foils

Balloon towers with personalised bubble balloon

Helium character balloon and small balloon tower

Giant balloon moon-gate

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